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OsirisLife.com is for those who are ready to take strong measures to bring themselves to a place of spiritual and holistic balance.

For all who are no longer entertain the idea of true ascension and healthier life norms but, are invested in their highest ideas and images of success!

Working solutions. Competent coaching. Universal wisdom.

No more wandering around aimlessly with no clue as to what your purpose is in life or how you will achieve your goals.
Coupled with intense spiritual rituals and ceremony performed by our highly competent spiritual head, you will triumph in all you set your hands to.

More to come.
Many of us struggle to answer the question, “What is my purpose in life?”.

Without the answer to this important question it becomes nearly impossible to attach value or meaning to anything we do in our lifetime.

No matter the package you choose, the realization of your life purpose and the activities that support it will be made clear to you.

That purpose will be fueled and supported via the use of spiritual gifts, timeless wisdom, and modern day practices. You will know your divine place on this planet and you will own it.

Loving the journey is connecting to our life experiences and designing the life that will yield the most productive journey for us.

Your heart holds the conciousness of your life purpose. To tap into the gifts and insight that sacred space has to offer we must learn to unconditionally love the exploration of our inner beings.

Moving past a place of self condemnation and insecurity allows us to see the orchestration the heart has tuned into our lives.

The valleys and the peaks take on deeper meaning other than ambiguous universal cause and effect.

There is no cure-all for every condition or challenge in our lives. Many self-help experts will tell you that their method and it’s dutiful application will be the end all, be all to all of your personal issues and life tragedy.

No cure all exist. It is the learning and application of our own intrinsic medicine that brings out the greatest gifts of our lives. A coach/healer/priest/priestess/shaman/healer ultimately is a channelling medium. The healing medicine exist inside of each, and every, individual. Our job is to bring it out in each member and invigorate that healing power.

OsirisLife.com is not a religious organization but, focuses on the fundamental principles that we all have within and uses that as the pivot point for all healing work.

Spiritual Work

Spiritual work can be difficult, and even scary, if your perspective is not properly attuned to the world of the spirits.

Not only do we perform work on you behalf but, we also teach you how to empower yourself via spiritual methods and templates designed just for you.


We all need maps and compasses in life to help us draw a better perspective as to where we currently are in our life journey.

With the assistance of a concerned and invested spiritual coach, together, we determine if our growth is in alignment with the guidance we need. This way we preserve our most precious commodity, time.


An Osiris life is a life of regeneration, rebirth, and renewal.

Change is the constant of the universe. If we recognize Osiris as an archetypical energy of the redeem and glorified life then identifying with those principles and the work needed to be done to apply them becomes simple, once the formulas are created.

Giant steps

This level of devotion and instruction that is offered via our various services will allow you to take leaps and bounds in the realm of your self growth and development.

Once you are made aware of the path that has been carved out for you and the appropriate work, offerings, and decisions that accompany the fortune of that path, you’ll waste no time getting to the core center of your purpose. This is a giant step towards knowing the intelligence of your soul and higher power.


Return on investment. Be rewarded for the time, energy, and scholarship that you invest in yourself and your objectives.

Sometimes we can invest in activities that just do not help us move closer to what we are ultimately trying to achieve. In this we see the difference between being busy and experiencing true progress.


All members are protected by the watchful eye of our temple priest and priestess.

On top of that, once you are enrolled there are daily readings and offerings that are performed on the behalf of the collective OsirisLife.com membership body.


We make full-use of advanced technology and networking mediums in order to bring the highest quality of service and information to you.

You can access podcast, videos, and even spiritual prescriptions using all of your digital devices.


We are here to competently support your learning journey and the spiritual well being of you, your home, your family, and business.

The advantage to being a member is while you are occupied with the everyday duties of your life, we are working in our spiritual temple to feed the guardians of all members and increase our circumference of wisdom. This is all decimated to every enrolled member, no matter the package level.


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